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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Things Are Looking Up ...

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”
      ~ Aristotle
      ~ 384-322 B.C.
I spotted the sweetest sight of summer – a beautiful white-tailed deer fawn – looking up into the summer sky on a late June afternoon on the grounds of Boulton in Henry’s Woods at Jacobsburg State Park, which spans between Wind Gap and Nazareth, Pennsylvania. This fawn’s twin was grazing nearby.

Boulton was an early American industrial community in the heart of the Jacobsburg National Historic District – once the site where the famous Henry Rifle was made – which lies almost entirely in the park. Henry’s Woods offers very scenic hikes and the rest of the center grounds have multi-use trails.

Jacobsburg State Park offers environmental education programs from the preschool environmental awareness programs to high school level environmental problem solving programs, historical programs, teacher workshops and public interpretive programs.

The park surrounds the Bushkill Creek.

The original land for the center was purchased by the Department of Forests and Waters from the City of Easton in 1959. In 1969, additional land was purchased using funds from Project 70. This brought the total land area of the center to its present size of 1,168 acres.

For more information on the Henry family visit the Jacobsburg Historical Society’s website at

Monday, June 22, 2020

Fawn In The Evening Shade ...

“A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one.”
     ~ Paul Oxton
         ~ founder & director of
           Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation
It’s always the sweetest sight of summer to see a white-tailed deer fawn, and here my favorite one – Buttons, as I call him – strikes a pose in the evening shade in early July as his mama doe and twin sister stood close by in the park.

I began photographing Buttons as a precious white-spotted fawn, then a sweet button buck and yearling before he migrated away in January 2020. It’s a true joy and blessing to me personally and as a photographer to have watched this white-tailed deer grow.