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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Let It Breathe ...

“Awake, my dear. Be kind to your sleeping heart. Take it out into the vast, fields of Light, And let it breathe.”
                              ~ Hafiz
Bright wild yellow mustard brushes a sweep of color on a sunny and peaceful May afternoon on a hillside of the Central Range of Trexler Nature Preserve, Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, awakening the landscape from the gray winter to the happiness of spring.

The color yellow is often associated with peace and happiness.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Lowcountry Morning ...

“Let us cross over the river, and rest in the shade of the trees.”
            ~ Stonewall Jackson
               ~  1824-1863
The last words of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, who served as a Confederate general (1861-1863) during the Civil War, and became arguably the best-known Confederate commander after General Robert E. Lee. Jackson played a prominent role in nearly all military engagements in the Eastern Theater of the war until his death, and had an important part in winning many significant battles.

A Great Blue Heron peers through the marsh in the still beauty of a southern fall morning in the Lowcountry just before the fog burns off along the Colleton River in Beaufort County, South Carolina on the first day of November in Dixie.