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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Turkey Vultures And The Big Blue Sky ...

“Better have as king a vulture advised by swans
Than a swan advised by vultures.”
                                   ~ Panchatantra

A pair of turkey vultures in their treetop perch are seen against the bright blue spring sky as an April sunset approaches along the Ironton Rail Trail.

 I often see many groups of perched turkey vultures in the same group of trees along the trail near sundown.

The trail loops more than nine miles through Whitehall Township, the Borough of Coplay and North Whitehall Township in Pennsylvania.

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's A Great Day For The Irish ...

“It’s a great day for the Irish, it’s a great day for fair …
It’s a great day for the Shamrock, for the flags in full array
We’re feeling so inspirish, shure because for all the Irish
It’s a great, great day …

And as we go a-swinging, every Irish heart is singing
It’s a great, great day.”

               ~ “It’s A Great Day For The Irish”
                          ~ Irish-American song
             Written by Roger Edens in 1940
              for inclusion in the film version of the
                 George M. Cohan 1922 
     Broadway show “Little Nellie Kelly”

The Irish flag waves proudly on a windy St. Patrick’s Day under bright blue skies in Allentown, Pennsylvania after the flag of the Republic of Ireland was raised March 17, 2017 at City Hall Plaza.

The flag raising event was to commemorate the contributions of those of Irish heritage who helped form and grow Allentown and the greater Allentown area. 

As someone of Irish-German heritage, my green Irish eyes were smiling seeing the flag billowing downtown in the late winter breeze.

Monday, July 25, 2016

My Witness Is The Empty Sky ...

“My witness is the empty sky …”
            ~ Jack Kerouac
             ~ 1922-1969

The words of Jack Kerouac soar in this image of a bright hot air balloon gliding with its passengers in a cloudless, cerulean blue September sky.

I captured this sight as I stepped out my front door on a warm, waning summer evening – it’s not a scene that floats over your doorstep every day!