Monday, December 3, 2018

But Memory Is An Autumn Leaf ...

“But memory is an autumn leaf that murmurs a while in the wind and then is heard no more.”
                ~ Kahlil Gibran
                      ~ 1883-1931
Like a fleeting memory, a solitary autumn leaf briefly rests next to the cascading waters of the Bushkill Creek in this long exposure shot I captured on a beautiful late October afternoon in Henry’s Woods at Jacobsburg State Park, which spans between Wind Gap and Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Jacobsburg offers environmental education programs from the preschool environmental awareness programs to high school level environmental problem solving programs, historical programs, teacher workshops and public interpretive programs. Once the site where the famous Henry Rifle was made, the Jacobsburg National Historic District lies almost entirely within the park. Henry’s Woods offers very scenic hikes and the rest of the center grounds have multi-use trails.

The park surrounds the Bushkill Creek.

The original land for the center was purchased by the Department of Forests and Waters from the City of Easton in 1959. In 1969, additional land was purchased using funds from Project 70. This brought the total land area of the center to its present size of 1,168 acres.