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Monday, June 17, 2019

December's Supermoon ...

“And who hung the moon in the starry sky
Somebody bigger than you and I …”
            ~ “Somebody Bigger Than You and I”
    ~ written by Johnny Lange, Hy Heath
            & Sonny Burke
   ~ recorded by the great Elvis Presley
             ~ 1967

The Supermoon of December 3, 2017 shines brightly over Cedar Creek Parkway, Allentown, Pennsylvania, reminding me of the line in my most favorite Gospel hymn, the wonderful “Somebody Bigger Than You and I,” recorded by the great Elvis Presley in 1967.

A Supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Supermoons make the moon appear a little brighter and closer than normal.

The term Supermoon has only been used in the past 40 years.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mountain Moonshine ...

“We ran as if to meet the moon.”
              ~ Robert Frost
                       ~ 1874-1963
 The autumn moon seems to meet the mountain as it rises to shine over the Kittatinny Ridge, also called Blue Mountain, along the Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Corridor (D&L Trail) at Lehigh Gap on a late November evening.

In the shadow of the Kittatinny Ridge, the Lehigh Gap in Slatington, Pennsylvania, is a crossroads where the Lehigh Gap Nature Center’s trails connect two historic trails – the Appalachian Trail and the D&L Trail. 

The Appalachian Trail, a foot path, follows the ridge on both sides of the Lehigh Gap, running 1,245 miles south to Georgia and 930 miles north to Maine. Running from Wilkes-Barre to Bristol, the D&L Trail passes through the Lehigh and Delaware rivers and their canals in Pennsylvania.