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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Heart Of Summer ...

“And you’re daddy’s little girl
You’re the end of the rainbow
My pot of gold
You’re daddy’s little girl to have and hold
A precious gem is what you are
You’re mommy’s bright and shining star
You’re the spirit of Christmas
My star on the tree
You’re the Easter Bunny to mommy and me
You’re sugar
You’re spice
You’re everything nice
And you’re daddy’s little girl.”
                      ~ “Daddy’s Little Girl”
                 ~ lyrics & music written by
                     Robert Burke & Horace Gerlach
                                     ~ 1906
          ~ recorded by the wonderful Al Martino
                                              ~ 1967

The heart of summer within the heart of summer … a father teaches his little girl to ride a bicycle on a gorgeous July afternoon on the Saucon Rail Trail, Hellertown, Pennsylvania, such a sweet sight I was lucky to capture and showcase in sepia to enhance the nostalgic feel.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tender In The Grass ...

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”
                            ~ George Sand
                         ~ pseudonym of 
                Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin,
                   French novelist & memoirist
                             ~ 1804-1876

It doesn’t get sweeter than this, seeing a beautiful white-tailed deer fawn tenderly nuzzling its mama doe on a gorgeous July evening in the park – a honey of a summer sight!          

Friday, April 1, 2016

Waiting For You ...

"There's nothing half so sweet in life
As love's young dream."
                          ~ Thomas Moore,
                                    Irish poet
                                        ~ 1779-1852

A spring sunset beckons as a bud brushes a
beautiful blossom while it waits for the bud to bloom on my favorite magnolia tree at Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lovin' Spoonful ...

"If you want to go quickly,
go alone,
If you want to go far,
go together."
                         ~African Proverb

Beautiful white-tailed deer doe receives a spoonful of love
in a sweet nudge from her white spotted fawn during a precious moment
captured on a summer evening in the park.

I've been blessed to photograph this doe and her fawns for
more than three years, and it's a true joy to me 
personally and as a photographer. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lady In Waiting ...

"What the heart once owned and had, 
it shall never lose."
                                   ~ Henry Ward Beecher
                                                         ~ 1813-1887

Beautiful North American female cardinal waits for her true love - a
North American male cardinal fluttering nearby - to return to her side
a few weeks before Valentine's Day at Trexler Memorial Park,
Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Love Flows Sweetly ...

"Sweet spring full of sweet days and roses,
a box where sweets compacted lie."
                                             ~ George Herbert
                                                             ~ 1593-1633

Sweet mallard ducklings swim close to their mama
as a June sunset kisses them with light on the pond
at Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Love Is All Around ...

"Love is all around me and so the feeling grows
It's written on the wind, it's everywhere I go ..."
                                 ~ "Love Is All Around"
                                          ~ Recorded by The Trogs, 1967

Adorable Canadian Geese goslings form a fuzzy ball of love
as they cuddle in the light of a May sunset at 
Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

In The Fire Of Spring ...

"May this tenderness cling
When the fire of spring
Is a memory
May you still be my own
When a hundred years have flown ...
Love me tonight."
                                    ~ "Love Me Tonight"
       ~words & music by Don Robertson
         from the film "Fun In Acapulco"
         ~ recorded by the great
                           Elvis Presley, 1963

A beautiful blossom and breaking bud are in tandem in the fire of spring as the April sun sets on my favorite magnolia tree at Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Evening Kiss ...

"April love ...
Every star's a wishing star that shines for you,
April love is all the seven wonders,
One little kiss can tell you this is true."
                                                  ~ "April Love"
                                                            ~ Theme song from the 1957 film "April Love"
                                                     ~ Music by Sammy Fain, lyrics by Paul Francis Webster
                                                               ~ Recorded by Pat Boone

Sunset light kisses this beautiful breaking bud
on my favorite magnolia tree on a beautiful
April evening at Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

True Love ...

"For you and I have a guardian angel
On high with nothing to do
But to give to you and to give to me
Love forever true."
                                     ~ "True Love"
                                               ~ Cole Porter, 1956

North American male and female cardinal find true love
together a few weeks before Valentine's Day at
Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Retro Valentine ...

"Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help
falling in love with you."
           ~ "Can't Help Falling In Love"
                       ~ from Elvis Presley's 1961 movie "Blue Hawaii"

You can almost hear a nearby jukebox playing
the great Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love"
as you and your sweetie share a shake with two straws
in this Retro Valentine. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let Love Shine ...

"Bless the beasts and the children ...
give them love, let it shine 
all around them."
                               ~ "Bless The Beasts and The Children"
                                                            ~ 1971

I feel so blessed personally and as a photographer
to have witnessed this tender, precious moment as
this beautiful white-tailed deer doe nuzzles her sweet fawn
on an October afternoon on the Saucon Rail Trail, 
Hellertown, Pennsylvania.