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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Snow Day ...

“Silently, like thoughts that come and go,
The snowflakes fall, each one a gem.”
                     ~ William Hamilton Gibson
                                      ~ 1850-1896
           ~American illustrator, author & naturalist

It’s a quintessential snow day as snowflakes tumble around the Springhouse at Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

I shot this scene brimming with winter’s quiet beauty during a light January snowfall.

The log cabin was part of Springhouse, the summer home of General Harry C. Trexler (1854-1933), an American industrialist who built a business empire in Allentown. The park is his namesake.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

These Winter Days ...

“Stillness is the flower of winter,
all hope waits beneath a blanket of white.”
                                     ~ Unknown

The promise of springtime’s hope waits to bloom in the stillness under a blanket of white along my favorite path at Trexler Memorial Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania during a light January snowfall.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Kittatinny's Frozen Cascade ...

“Music comes from an icicle as it melts, to live again as spring water.”
                         ~ Henry Williamson
                             ~  1895-1977
       ~ English army officer, naturalist, farmer & ruralist writer
Cascading waters along the Kittatiny Ridge, also called Blue Mountain, are frozen in harmony in midwinter beauty at Lehigh Gap along the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (D&L Trail).

The Lehigh Gap in Slatington, Pennsylvania, is a crossroads where the Lehigh Gap Nature Center’s trails connect two historic trails – the Appalachian Trail and the D&L Trail.

The Appalachian Trail, a foot path, follows the ridge on both sides of the Lehigh Gap, running 1,245 miles south to Georgia and 930 miles north to Maine. Running from Wilkes-Barre to Bristol, the D&L Trail passes through the Lehigh and Delaware rivers and their canals in Pennsylvania.