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Monday, June 24, 2019

Cold Creek December ...

“The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.”
        ~ “The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” is an American slang expression implying strong intentions subject to complete frustration by uncommon but not unforeseeable events. It presumably evokes occasional and unpredictably extreme rainfall in Appalachia, that has historically isolated one rural neighborhood or another temporarily inaccessible on several or many occasions and when most folks in the mountains use this term, that is exactly what they mean.

The cold waters of the Little Lehigh Creek gently flow through Lehigh Parkway, Allentown, Pennsylvania on an early December day, as autumn prepares to segue into winter.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Morning On The Colleton River ...

“Let us cross over the river, and rest in the shade of the trees.”
      ~ Stonewall Jackson
  ~ The last words of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, who served as a Confederate general (1861-1863) during the Civil War, and became arguably the best-known Confederate commander after General Robert E. Lee. Jackson played a prominent role in nearly all military engagements in the Eastern Theater of the war until his death, and had an important part in winning many significant battles.

The still beauty of a spring morning in the Lowcountry flourishes along the Colleton River in Beautfort County, South Carolina on a late May day in Dixie.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Fine Southern Morning ...

“Grace comes into the soul, as the morning sun into the world; first a dawning, then a light; and at last the sun in his full and excellent brightness.”
                    ~ Thomas Adams
                       ~ 1818-1905
      ~American scientist & inventor who is regarded as a founder of the chewing gum industry. He eventually joined with well-known chewing gum maker William Wrigley Jr.

The early morning sunlight whispers through the Spanish Moss that reflects in the lagoon on a beautiful May morning in the Lowcountry of Beaufort County, South Carolina.