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Monday, August 7, 2017

Autumn Momento Video ...

"More" by the wonderful Bobby Darin sets the cool tone to swing into autumn's splendor showcased in my original photos.

My greatest joy as a photographer is harmonizing my favorite original photos to music to create a lingering snapshot of the season. Enjoy!
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Moon Full Of Blues ...

“…Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do
But there ain’t no cure for the
      summertime blues …”
                   ~ “Summertime Blues”
             ~co-written & recorded by American
                  rockabilly artist Eddie Cochran
    ~ written by Eddie Cochran & Jerry Capehart
                            ~ 1958
 What’s the cure for the summertime blues? The 10th annual Blues, Brews & Barbecue in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania June 10, 2017 … a tad before summer but a great way to kick off the season with the sounds of the blues & the taste of brews and barbecue!

I blended a street scene photo I shot at the festival of blues guitarist Albert Castiglia and his band blaring some blazing blues tunes on the PPL (Pennsylvania Power and Light Company) Plaza stage during an evening performance with a full moon I captured  August 18, 2016 in Allentown to create this image.

The drums were continually changing colors during the concert between pink, purple and blue, how cool is that!

Are there blues on the moon? I hope so!

Texture by Jai Johnson added for artistic effect.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today ... It's Spring ... Video

The lilting beauty of the folk song "Today," recorded by the New Christy Minstrels in 1964, sets the melodious mood for this celebration of spring showcased in my original photos.

My greatest joy as a photographer is harmonizing my favorite original photos to music to create a lingering snapshot of the season ... Enjoy!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Strummin' Into Spring ...

"... I hitchhiked all the way down to Memphis ...
Just lookin' for a place to play,
Well, I thought my pickin' would set 'em on fire,
But nobody wanted to hire a guitar man ...

So I slept in the hobo jungles, 
Roamed a thousand miles of track,
Till I found myself in Mobile Alabama
At a club they call Big Jack's,
A little four-piece band was jammin',
So I took my guitar and I sat in,
I showed 'em what a band would sound like,
With a swingin' little guitar man.
Show 'em son ...

Guess who's leadin' that five-piece band,
Well, wouldn't ya know, it's that swingin' little guitar man."     
                                ~ "Guitar Man"
                                      ~ written by Jerry Reed
                           ~ recorded by the great Elvis Presley
                                                           ~ 1967   

This guitar, mounted on the outside wall of
Guitar Villa, Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
is strummin' into spring on a sunny day in early April,
reminding me of the great Elvis Presley singing
"Guitar Man," which he recorded in 1967.    


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Street Sax ...

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."
                                                           ~ Duke Ellington

                                                                     ~ 1899-1974

Can you hear the cool jazz floating from this saxaphone, swingin' through the hot air of a sweet summer night? That's the image that popped  into my mind when I shot this portion of a jazzy  mural in Easton, Pennsylvania on a chilly November day. This is my artistic interpretation of the mural image.

I captured this cool mural of jazz silhouettes of musicians on the fa├žade of the Hotel Lafayette as they literally paint the town. The mural features the shadows of musicians on keyboard, saxophone, trumpet and other jazz instruments against bright colors.

The mural is an Easton Main Street Initiative public art project created in 2012. It is a gift of the Easton Rotary Service Foundation in memory of Ted Pierce, who was the station manager of WEST radio, an outstanding and devoted citizen. He was a generous benefactor of the Easton community and Easton Rotary Service Foundation, as well as an exemplary journalist and key reporter on the Nuremburg War Crimes Trial for the Armed Forces Network. Pierce left a large amount of money for the Rotary Club to use on Easton-based projects.

The mural was designed and painted on the Fourth Street side of the building by the Freehand Mural Group of Easton.